Portable Kids Step Stool
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The Tip Pee Toe™ Toddler Step Stool is a folding, portable child step stool designed for travel and potty training.  The step stool's compact design makes it easy take in your purse or diaper bag so your kids are able reach the potty and sink while traveling or at home.  A child stepping stool that even stores in the vanity for easy access when not in use.  If you are looking for a unique gift for friends or grandparent, or just a children's product to make parenting or potty training easier, the Tip Pee Toe™ toddler step stool is for you.  It is light weight, compact, holds up to 50 pounds, stands 5.5 inches high when opened, and has non-skid feet.  The Tip Pee Toe also makes a great portable footrest for travel. 

Step stool carrying case is not included in this listing.

Step Stool Specifications:

Weight Capacity:  50 lbs.

Recommended Age:  3+ years old

Dimensions Opened (w x l x h): 6 x 12 x 5.5 (inches)

Dimensions Closed (w x l x h):  6.5 x 6 x 1 (inches)

Product Weight:  1.4 lbs.

Color:  Black

Material:  Nylon Composite and Aluminum

Note:  This listing does not include the canvas carrying case with velcro closure and wristlet.  The carrying case is natural color with black trim and black wristlet and fits one Tip Pee Toe™ child's step stool in the folded position.  Carrying Case can be purchased in combination with the child step stool or separately.  See the store home page for these options.

Warning:  The Tip Pee Toe™ child step stool is designed to use with adult supervision only.  Do not leave child unattended on the step stool and assist child at all times to prevent fall.

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  • Manufacturer: Tip Pee Toe, Inc.
  • Condition: New

Folding Child Step Stool - Potty Training - Footrest (No Case)

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